Wednesday, June 25, 2014

They're Off!

 Mxyl and Klenda are off on a grand adventure:  off to Spain, to visit Tia and Tio and their cousins!

Zorg wanted to squeeze into the carry on luggage, but, alas, he didn't fit.  He will have to wait a couple of years for when he and Leena will have their turn.  Tia is his godmother, and he really wants to see her!
Zorg almost fits!

Mxyl and Klenda have set up a blog just for their time in Spain.  You can follow their adventures at: Mxyl and Klenda's Excellent Adventure: To Spain!!

I don't think they have anything posted yet since they just arrived this morning, but we should see something soon.  They'll be there nearly a month.

Actually, Leena is off this week at Grammy's, doing a nature photography day camp, so we'll catch up (with pictures!) when she gets back, too.

This leaves us with only three kids at home, which feels very strange and quiet!

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Queen of Carrots said...

Wow, what an adventure! Prayers for safe travels!