Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Guest Blog by Mxyl: The Big Trip: 日本!

So sorry I used two colons in the same sentence. 

Hello, everyone!  It's been a while since we've blogged about our Big Trip!  Right now, we're in of one of the places I was most exited about returning to (and the only place I've been to before)--Japan!

After we landed in Osaka (which I've never been to before), we went to Osaka Castle!  That was quite fun.  We also saw a Bunraku play--kind of like a Japanese puppet show, only intended for adults. 

Sono ato, Miyajima ni ikimashita.  Totemo tanoshikattadesu.  Are de, shika wo mita! 

Sorry, did I start talking in Japanese?  Of course I did After that, we went to Tokyo!  There, we saw Tokyo Tower and even climbed Mt Fuji!  I've seen it before, but never climbed it in person!  Here's a view of the Tower during the latest giant monster attack:
It took the Prime Minister's Jaeger and some extra hired help to fix the problem.  After that, we went to Kyoto and then Hokkaido, but there'll be time for that in another blog post.  Videos soon to come!

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