Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Choclo!

Choclo is 9!

He had a great birthday!

His brothers and sisters are pretty awesome present pickers, and he was pretty thrilled with the results.

Interestingly, a lot of his gifts were things to build in different ways.  So fun!
Save me!
For his birthday, we went to Mass, then stopped by a playground.  It was one of our beautiful clear mornings, not too hot, not too chilly. 

Oob had fun getting "stuck" at the top of the climbing rock and getting Mxyl to rescue him.
Choclo and Zorg played tag.

Then it was time to go home and make the cake.  Choclo had found a dinosaur cake pan in the back basement, and had asked if I could make it for him.  Sure!

What color would he like?  Red? OK.

It wasn't until I was nearly done that I realized... it looks pretty creepy.

You look delicious!
So I fixed it. 

Which made it extra creepy.

Klenda wandered in and told me, "Mom, you should have called me!"

Yeah, but.. I didn't realize it looked like it was the cake that ate the people until it was too late.

Choclo saw it, laughed, and then declared that it was his favorite cake ever.

So that was all right.

Then it was pinata time!  We had found a red T rex pinata that looked substantially less creepy than the cake, and a fun time was had by all!

 And the cake didn't actually eat anyone.

Nine Great Things About Choclo

1. He's a Bear Scout!
2. He tells silly jokes!
3. He builds great castles.
3. He loves using the microscope.
4. He's reading The Time Machine with Mom.
5. He has his own museum!
5. He really likes dissections.
6. He's crazy about sharks, mummies, and dinosaurs.
7. He likes to snuggle.
8. He loves to read.
8. He always tries to make people feel better when they are sad.
9. He loves to receive Jesus in Communion.


Sue Elvis said...

Happy birthday Choclo! I love the cake. Back basement? We don't have basements. Our cake pans live in a drawer under the oven in the kitchen. Anything we're not using on a regular basis is stored in the garage, or taken to Vinnies! Do you have more than one basement? And do you only store things there that you don't use very often? Lots of questions but I love hearing all the little details of your life, which is in many ways different from ours!

One thing that's the same for all of us is loving to receive Jesus in Communion. I like reading all the birthday facts!

Wendy said...

How funny! We do kind of have two basements, but not one under the other.

Our house is built into a hill: the "back basement" is on the hill side and only has one small window. It's unfinished (cinder block walls and no ceiling) and is used for storage and laundry. Out of season clothes are there, Christmas decorations, camping supplies, and an extra freezer.

Oh, yes, the kids have sectioned part of it off for a writers' hideaway.

We don't have an attic anymore because we were told we could have an attic OR an extra floor on the house, but not both. We went for the extra floor and store things in the basement!

The "other" basement is on ground level at the bottom of the hill. It has windows and doors and looks like the rest of the house. We have a family room here (it's where we keep the TV- one of my favorite things about this house is that the TV is not the center of the house), and a piano, and a very large bedroom that we turned into a chapel.

We do not have a garage. We have a thing I had never heard of: a carport! I was very excited about that because I thought it would have terminals like an airport, but, alas, it's just a garage without walls! Much less useful for storing things! And no moving walkway. ;D