Monday, June 16, 2014

A Monster of a Father's Day

 We decided to give the Emperor a giant monster themed Father's Day!

We made a large Mecha-Godzilla peering in at the window.

We dressed Choclo up as a small Godzilla (using the paper dinosaur trick).

 And the rest of the Zoomlians built block cities for him to crash through on his way to bringing Dad his presents!

We had gotten him a collection of Godzilla movies, as well as a T shirt that said "Welcome to Monster Island!"

He got a few other things as well, like his favorite snacks with which to watch Giant Monster Movies.

And then we all settled down to watch Son of Godzilla, a truly silly movie which answers the burning questions: what are giant monsters like as toddlers? And: Could even Godzilla sleep though a baby who wants to play instead of nap? (the answer is no).

Happy Father's Day, Emperor, you're a monstrously great DAD!!
Painting by Klenda

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