Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkins: Round 3, Happy Halloween!

 Choclo did General Grievous (with, ahem, a certain amount of help from a very talented friend). 

Klenda did an eye. Sauron?  Creepy when lit, at any rate!

Oob did a ghost pumpkin: white with eyes.

Leena did an actual jack o lantern!

Mxyl and Zorg did Gamera and Godzilla, respectively. 

They both did drawn characters (or shallowly carved) so that the only visible openings were the Kaiju's mouths.

This was because we were using fog machine "smoke" in the pumpkins. 

When it worked, the smoke poured out of the creature's mouths, or shot out like a death ray!

That's the good news.  The bad news was that we found it very difficult to get to work properly!

The really great news, was that we got it to work eventually, and it really was amazing!

                                          In other news, we have cute warty gourds.

Also, a lot of pumpkin seeds.

Also,  brain cupcakes. 

Weird, cute, or weirdly cute?

Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow: costumes!

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