Friday, October 24, 2014

I Shall Return

Really soon now!  I have a shiny new laptop which I bought before I realized that my freezer was in the process of dying.  It is new (well, refurbished and about half the price of new), and it turned out to be much shinier than we had expected: it has a touch screen!

No, I did not realize that when I bought it.

Hey, maybe the new freezer will turn out to have a touch screen, too!

Unfortunately, that brings up the image of me accidentally swiping the freezer and deleting all the ice cream...

At any rate, Bill has the laptop, and he is transferring files, setting up a firewall, making sure it has a word processing program, and otherwise idiot proofing it.

Actually, Bill also has most of the contents of my freezer in his freezer.  Hey, look, he's literally saving my bacon!  Thanks Bill!

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