Monday, October 6, 2014

Apple Picking

 Yes!  We went apple picking!

We only got about 55 pounds, which is a bit low for us, but they only had two varieties ripe. 

On the plus side, the two varieties were Empire (sweet tart and good for baking and fresh eating) and Golden Delicious (no relation to the dreaded Red Delicious, and a sweet apple also good for eating and baking and excellent for apple sauce).

We separated them into the perfect "keepers," the slightly imperfect "pies," and the sauce and butter apples.

So far we have made apple sauce, apple butter, apple fritters, apple dippers, and, of course, we've eaten a bunch of apples!

Klenda has plans for a few pies, and I'd like to make turnovers. I'd also like to mull some cider, and maybe even make more apple sauce - what I made is pretty much gone already!

Apple picking is such a lovely way to start autumn: it was a lovely cool fall day and we got to spend it with Grammy, picking apples and pumpkins.

Happy fall!

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