Monday, October 20, 2014

Speaking of Pumpkins

 We painted our pumpkins!

Leena made twin pumpkins, one to put on, and one to put out!
 Zorg did a "Starry Night" face on his pumpkin.
 Mxyl did a Centauri (we recently finished watching Babylon 5).

Oob did a treasure chest on his (white) pumpkin.  He also put a little key to the chest on another part of the pumpkin!

Klenda did these beautiful  purple flowers.

And here are Choclo and Leena's sitting together on the front porch.
Much thanks to a dear friend who helped out on some of the more complex painting!


Sue Elvis said...

Wow! I love the painted pumpkins. And the T shirt. Very creative!

Wendy said...

Thank you, Sue! I wonder, do you have pumpkins and jack o lanterns in Australia?

I think of pumpkins in general as a New World thing, but I saw something about them being used as jack o lanterns in England.