Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn in NJ

 Last weekend I made a trip up to NJ to see my folks.  They are far enough north of me that they are about two weeks ahead of the color change.

It was so beautiful on the lake!

Also beautiful: seeing all the stars reflected in the lake at night!
 It was amazingly clear, so we even got to see the Milky Way!

It was not all fun and games, of course.  I had brought Zorg and Leena with me for the express purpose of shoveling coal.

Legend has it that if you load 16 tons... well, you know what you get!

As it happened, they only had a bit over one ton, but we loaded it all up into buckets stacked carefully for the winter, and cleared out the coal bin for another load.

 But mostly it was fun and games!

We played a bunch of Pig's Knuckles.

We roasted hot dogs, and then marshmallows, and then had an impromptu talent show around the campfire!

Leena recited El Dorado, Zorg sang songs and we all told stories.

The fire burned low.

The sky turned to flame and then subsided to embers in the west.

It was a lovely, lovely visit!

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