Saturday, March 14, 2015

An End to the Impass?

I haven't been doing updates on my dear mother in law because things haven't changed much.

That seems about to change.

If you're coming to this party late, she had open heart surgery nearly a month ago, and has been in the ICU pretty much since. She has been more or less unconscious and hooked to many tubes and wires  for the last two weeks or so.

Last Wednesday they transferred her to a top notch research hospital where they discovered the root of the problem.  She has a large hematoma (a mass of blood and fluid) in her chest from the first operation.

So, that's why she can't breathe, keep her blood pressure up, and restart her kidneys!  Who knew?

She is in surgery as I write this. It's a major sign of hope, but she's very fragile at this point, and it's a major surgery.  Major as in they may have to open the sternum again.

We are on day 8 of our novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots...

Which is a way of saying thank you for all your prayers, please pray again for her!

UPDATE: She made it through the surgery and they were able to get everything out!  They did have to open the sternum again, and they are leaving it open until they are sure the problem is fixed.  There will be another surgery in a few days to close her up again, so, um, keep praying.

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Annabelle said...

Just got the update and will pray. Glad a cause was found and fixed but I know it is scary all the same.