Monday, March 30, 2015


Looking back through my posts, I haven't done any home schooling posts in nearly a month!

But we have been busy with learning the whole time.  One thing I've learned is that all the learning doesn't flow through me - and a good thing, too!

Klenda has been working on a novel.  Leena continues on her audio book.  Lumptons keep doing Algebra.  Choclo has been reading all he can about snakes.  Mxyl continues to amaze us with computer animation and calculus.  Oob is figuring out how to do complicated addition in his head.
Zorg is developing concept art for unknown schemes.

One fun thing was this fun and easy art project that actually turned out to be fun and easy, unlike last time.  Who knew?

Mxyl       Klenda       Zorg
 In case it's not obvious, I picked up some clay pots on clearance and let the Zoomlians paint faces on them.

We put in some potting soil and grass seed, and here we are!

It really was fun, it really was easy.

No popsicle sticks needed.
Leena           Choclo              Oob

Oob has already started delivering hair cuts to his.

Leena's got knocked over, so her "hair" is a bit sparse.  I think it works well with the face she painted.  I've been feeling like that lately, myself.

And there's always something lovely about seeds sprouting in the spring, even if it's just grass. 

I have some bean seeds to start so that we can look at root development and so forth.  One advantage to the grass is it's  a monocot (one seed leaf), whereas the beans are dicots (two seed leaves), so those are the two main kinds of seeds to observe.

I'm almost up for planting seeds outside, things need to dry out just a bit more.

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