Thursday, March 19, 2015

How About an Update With GOOD News?!

The doctors think my dear MIL will live (barring any new infections)!

When they asked to "speak to the family about her long-term condition," I must admit I did not think it would be good news.

Opening her up to get rid of the hematoma turned out to be the right call: it was the source of the infection, and it was suppressing her blood pressure.  He blood pressure is slowly rising, and it looks like they will be able to do the second operation to close her chest sometime this weekend.

She'll need one more operation a week later,  the ICU for another month, and various specialty hospitals for a few months after that, but if it all goes as planned, she will come home to us this summer!

If all goes as planned.  After the several days where I thought she would unambiguously die this week, I've decided: I'm all right with some ambiguity!

Thank you St. Joseph!


Sue Elvis said...


It's so good to hear your news. What a stressful time for you all, not knowing which way things would go. Sometimes we want a situation to be resolved, but at the same time, we are willing to bear the uncertainty and stress, because it's better than facing possible loss. At least that's how I felt when Thomas was in the NICU! I'll keep praying!

Annabelle said...

That is great news. Long road ahead but a hopeful one. imho good nutrition is so important and hospital food is not so interesting. Once she is able to eat again take her some healthy smoothies for a few good sips. Also (unfortunately from experience) drop foot happens fast from no use. If I had to help my mother through long hospitalization I would pay attention to things like that also. You can google 'how to prevent foot drop immobile patient" for help. Thank you Jesus! The prayers will continue.

Wendy said...

Thanks so much, Sue and Annabelle!

I wanted you to know that I've had a Mass offered for all the people who have prayed for my dear MIL!

Would you believe she had drop foot going into the hospital? She was already doing physical and occupational therapy for it, but I appreciate any thoughts and ideas on what to/not to do.

One thing that has complicated everything has been obesity, and we are hoping that the new heart valve, the new heart diet, months of careful nutritional monitoring and a shrunken stomach will help her with new patterns of eating and exercise.

She was trying so hard to lose weight, and I think now she really was, but she was also gaining fluid from the CHF, so it all felt like useless effort.