Tuesday, March 3, 2015


How about some good news?

Mxyl got his driver's license! Fantastic job, Mxyl!!!

Thus ends an epic saga in which we learned how to navigate the complexities of getting a license in Maryland.

If you are lost somewhere in the midst of this process, a word of advice: yes, you have to do 60 hours of training and then do the driver's training course.  The 30 hours of classwork is easily scheduled.  Ask how long after the classes it will be until they will actually do the road work.  In our case this added 6 weeks to our saga. 

Also, figure into your calculations three months to schedule the driver's test! Next time we will schedule the test after the classes and before the road work.

Also, we managed to take the test after only a two month wait because we were willing to drive more than an hour to take the test. 

And to perfect the parallel parking skills, we recommend this video. It's clear, easy to remember, and it shows you how to do it with cones as well as cars. It's from a driving school in Canada. 

Lastly, a true story on the dangers of teaching your kids to drive.  Mxyl was driving us to Mass and did a particularly fine job on a tricky bit of driving.  I complimented him on it, then realized I had really finished teaching him to drive. 

I turned to the Oob in the back seat and told him, "Someday I'll teach you how to drive."

"Too late!" he chirped.

"Too late?"

"Mxyl already told me how to drive!"


Sue Elvis said...


Congratulations to Mxyl! What a wonderful achievement!

It's not easy for our young people to get their driver's license, is it? Ours don't have to do 30 hours of class work but they do need 120 hours of driving experience, 20 need to be at night. I think they must have their learner's permit for a year before they can sit the test.

Anyway, enjoy having an extra driver in the family. Sit back and relax!

Wendy said...

It really is lovely! He went to the store to get milk for me this morning. Wow!

120 hours! How many of your kids are driving now? That's a measurable portion of your life!

Not that it's a bad thing. I love driving with my teens and sharing that special time with them!

In our state you get a provisional license after all this! He now has to go 18 months without a ticket before it will convert to a "full" license.

That being said, the only things he can't do on the provisional are drive between midnight and 5 am, and drive with young people in the car (excepting siblings).