Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mxyl!

Mxyl is an adult!

18 years ago, they handed me a teeny tiny baby (about the size of Mxyl's foot) and I wondered if they were going to leave us alone with him.

I mean, what if something happened?  Shouldn't there be a responsible adult around just in case?

Oh, wait.  We were the responsible adults now!

We were his parents.  Which made him our guinea pig child.  Or, possibly, we were his guinea pig parents.

If you've had kids, you know: you want to be the most perfect parents ever for this precious child.  That's when you realize how imperfect you are.

And you want the world to be a better place.  A perfect place, for this brand new person.
Eighteen years later, eighteen years of love. laughter, and a few tears, the world is still not the perfect place I would like for my newly minted young man.

But it is a better place because he's in it.

Congratulations Mxyl!

And, hey, at least for this birthday, the cake wasn't a lie.

18 Great Things About Mxyl

1.He knows a lot of Japanese.
1. He thinks of other people first.
2. He's one board of review from being an Eagle Scout.
3. He can do all kinds of computer animation.
3. He can boogie board.
4. He's an alcolyte (a senior altar server who directs and helps the younger servers).
5. He's good at Portal.
5. He has a katana and he knows how to use it!
6. He is very kind and loving (Oob).
7. He is always fun to be with (Choclo).
8. He's pretty awesome (Leena).
9. He's never wrong (Zorg).
10. He can talk about Ultraman with me for hours (Klenda).
11. He knows a lot about Ultraman.
11. He can say cool Japanese things like, "People of Earth, all the Universes are my stuff!"(which sounds much cooler in Japanese).
12. He really likes Plato and Aristotle.
13. He likes to talk philosophy, apologetics, and politics, sometimes all at the same time!
13. He can set up our TV/DVD stuff (which is more than I can do).
14. He can do all kinds of special effects.
15.  He's a great photographer- he has "The Eye."
15. He cheerfully helps out whenever he sees there's a need.
16. He does a great three point landing.
17. He's a good rock climber.
17. He loves the sacraments.
18. He's an adult!!!

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