Saturday, July 11, 2015

Visit to NJ

 I had a lovely visit with my folks last week.

They seem to be over run with wild creatures, lately.  When I was a kid, we rarely saw wild turkeys, and never saw chicks.  This little flock was sauntering lazily across the road.

 I helped my Mom pack up bunches of church things to go to my sister in Ghana.  Here we are packing up an altar!  Mostly we are sending smaller things like vestments and altar linens.  These are all from churches being closed, or surplus from storage that parishes have decided to donate.

And I got to do some fishing with my Dad.

I love fishing!

I just don't like to catch anything.  As my other sister put it: who wants a fish stuck on the hook?  You have to take it off.  It's uncomfortable for me, it's uncomfortable for the fish, who wants that?

That sound you heard was my Dad, rolling his eyes.

We were fishing at dusk on the still lake, and it felt like we were fishing in the sky.

So beautiful!
Mumpy and Pa also sent home a train set which someone had passed on to them.  It turned out to have two remote controlled trains!

Choclo and Oob are over the moon!

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