Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Ocean Project, Part the First

With the Emperor and the older boys off at camp, I polled the rest of the kids: what would be your perfect day?

I got all sorts of answers: eating pizza, time with me, uninterrupted time to work on an audiobook,  a penguin tea party, doing the ocean project. 

The ocean project? 

It took me a while, but this was what they meant!  It's a porthole made of two paper plates.

You spray paint  the back of one plate, then cut out the center.

We used watercolor on the background plate, then filled it with stickers of sea creatures and tissue paper seaweed.

 Then we arranged them as portholes along the wall. 

Super cute and easy peasy!

 Maybe too easy, they wanted more!

I printed out creatures to cut and color from Learning Page.

Learning page actually has a printable mural background, but our walls are already blue.

Also, we were more interested in making the creatures we liked the colors we liked than slavish accuracy a more realistic approach.

By now we were having too much fun to stop... but I'll tell you about that tomorrow!

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