Friday, July 3, 2015

Ocean Project, Part the Second

 After cutting and coloring ocean creatures, I remembered that we had loads of actual ocean things in the museum.

I pulled them out and cleared some space.

I love having a corner for exploring with a magnifying glass!
 And here's where things started to get silly.

You may recall that I like to have ocean creatures hanging on my ceiling.

Well, I still do. 

I wonder what the Emperor and the boys will think of this when they get back?

I love the angler fish!

There's also an eel, a kind of creepy jellyfish, and a rather sad looking blue whale (not to scale).

Oh yes, and an actual puffer fish  hanging from the ceiling (not too close to any of the balloon animals).

 And, if you're wondering, we also did the penguin tea party!

Who let that shark in there?

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