Friday, July 17, 2015

More Beach Fun

 So, what have we been doing besides getting wet and sandy (and pedaling a giant surrey until our legs fell off)?

I'm so glad you asked!

We've been lolling about relaxing a lot. 

Honestly, it's amazingly restful and more vacationy when the kids are old enough to amuse themselves.

I remember so many of those early "vacations" (when all the kids were little) felt much less restful than staying home. 

Now I'm so glad we persevered!

We've been reading, playing with legos, checking Facebook, watching movies together. 

Have you run into Earnest and Celestine?  We were quite charmed!

 And we visited The Sea Shell Shop where we added to our shell collection (an enormous sand dollar, several spiky shells, and an echidna).

Choclo found this silly shark hat.

The Emperor was nearly strangled by a really magnificent octopus (spoiler alert: they both survived).

 Plus, we got 5 kinds of fudge! Dark chocolate, orange creamsicle, mint chocolate, chocolate vanilla swirl, and ameretto chocolate.
 The oldest three Zoomlians decided to spend a chunk of their hard earned money going parasailing!

Alas, they got rained out, and had to try another day, but they did have a fun boat ride!


Sue Elvis said...


It looks like you're having a wonderful vacation! The beach looks so beautiful. We're having a cold snap and I yearn for some sunshine. Today it actually snowed!

Wendy said...

Wow, snow! That must be so fun to see! Do you get snow every winter? The first snow is a big event around here - a great excuse for hot chocolate!

We have been having lovely weather in the 80s the whole week (highs around 30 C) and breezy. The one thing is that a tropical storm went by out to sea and we have been having fantastically large waves. Lovely to see, but too scary to swim in! I will post pictures of them later.