Saturday, September 19, 2015

Awesome History: Sumer, Abraham, and Hammurabi

This week covered Sargon the Sumerian (which would make a great pro wrestling name, now that I think of it), the early Israelites (Abraham through Joseph), and Hammurabi.

Hammurabi is known for making laws (the Code of Hammurabi) and posting them around his empire.  This was earliest written legal code we have found, and, in what must have been shocking at the time, Hammurabi declared everyone, even himself, bound by these laws.

Our activity was Hammurabi Says (like Simon Says, but with Hammurabi).

Our art project was writing on clay tablets.  This was just clay slabs with popsicle sticks.  I did use pruners to cut the stick on a slant on one end.

Our snack was making Joseph's coat of many colors out of sugar cookies (cut to look like coats) and multi colored frosting.

It was almost a second art project, really.

Efforts ranged from making it as artistic as possible, to heaping on as much frosting as possible.

I think everyone was pleased with the results!

We also talked about laws at dinner.

When the Zoomlians were all little we read this chapter and set up steles (overturned laundry hampers) around the house with our family's rules (as the kids came up with them).  I called it the Code of ObeyMommy.

Here are some of the rules they came up with:

No breaking any windows.

No singing at the table.

No sleeping in the bath tub.

If you have little kids, I highly encourage you to ask them what they think the laws of your house are!

Story of the World chapters 5-7.

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