Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Air and Space

 I love Adventurers! There's nothing like having a dozen free world class museums on your doorstep to spark a sense of wonder about the world!

Yesterday's pictures were from last week, but Air and Space takes about 3 weeks (6 hours) to go through thoroughly, and even then, we never see everything. 

Alas, this year, we can only spend two weeks, but since we have younger kids along, that's about right.
Zoomlians on the bridge!

 Last week we did the "space" side, and this week we did the "air" side.

This included climbing through some planes, examining propeller and jet engines, and visiting my favorite exhibit: the aircraft carrier mock up!

You can climb up into a navigation bridge on one side and "watch" fighter jets taking off, and then cross back to the control tower and watch them land on the other side of the ship.

The design is just brilliant! You really feel you are on the ship (or, in Leena's case, that you are in the Shatterdome of Pacific Rim)!

My other favorite, and conveniently near the carrier,  is the WWII exhibit.

The mural is gorgeous, the layout is fantastic, and they have all sorts of smaller exhibits tucked into odd corners.

Also, you can get very close to the planes on both levels, which makes for a compellingly immersive experience.

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