Thursday, September 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Zorg!

Zorg is 15!

He had a great Dr. Who themed birthday party with friends last weekend, including a "Weeping Angels Tag" and a Tardis cake!

His actual birthday coincided with the big home school Mass and picnic, so he saw more friends (and we brought cupcakes).
Pop took us all out to dinner at Plato's Diner. 

Then we came back home for watermelon cake. 

And presents!  Lots of presents!

 15 Great Things About Zorg

1. He's very funny.
2. He's a patient and supportive older brother.
2. He's really good in a light saber fight.
3. He likes to serve Mass.
4. He's good at teaching things.
5. He has the heart of a hero.
5. He's a very fast runner.
6. He's interested in all kinds of science.
7. He's very forgiving.
8. He likes to help out.
8. He has a quirky fashion sense.
9. He can put all sorts of things together.
10. He looks out for his brothers and sisters.
11. He has a strong sense of honor and fair play.
11. He's a good actor.
12. He looks good in a fedora.
13. He climbs trees (and walls)very quickly!
14. He has a great laugh.
14. He also has a great "World Domination" laugh!
15. He's very generous, both with his time and with his possessions.

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