Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lots O Stuff

 Catching up from a crazy week!

Did I mention that the Emperor, Klenda, Zorg, Leena, and Choclo got tp see the Holy Father?  They did!  And it was wonderful!

But there were "only" 5 tickets, so I stayed home with Mxyl (who was mostly doing college stuff) and Oob, who had a great time having me all to himself!

 The Emperor got to see the pope on the eve of his (the Emperor's) birthday, which was great, and we watched (on TV) as the Holy Father addressed Congress, which was kind of like a birthday present, too.

The Emperor was a bit shocked by how many candles ended up on his cake!  I wanted to put four candles on one side and six on the other, but Oob insisted he should have 46.  Well, it took care of my stash of non matching birthday candles, anyway!

 Then we rounded off the week with me taking a trip up to visit my folks.

My dad cleaned my car. I have never in my life vacuumed a car as thoroughly as my dad manages to do nearly every time I come up.

It gleams.  It glows.  It smells nice.

My dad has always specialized in doing the impossible. 

And speaking of impossible, you are looking at the Forbidden Carpet.

We were wandering through the flooring section, and Mumpy announced that she never wanted any wall to wall carpet in her house ever again.

Area rugs would be fine.  She wouldn't mind any kind of area rug.
I, of course, looked for the most outlandish area rug I could find, and this was it!  It is beyond shag and well into furry.  The only place it would really work is in the palace of a barbarian king.

Mumpy: That is... FORBIDDEN!

This is why I'm in such demand as an decorating consultant. I have a talent for finding the perfect thing you would never put in your house.  It's a gift.

And here is Mumpy's pumpkin.

OK, it's not actually a pumpkin, but I thought it was one of those white pumpkins.

It's a actually a giant puffshroom

In other news, Pa may have cleaned my car, but Mumpy cleaned my clock at pigs knuckles (our own weird version of pinochle).

I had bid her up (and dropped her like a rock), but, alas, I had hardly begun to laugh maniacly when I realized I had been skunked.

And she looks so sweet!

And we all had a wonderful time!!!

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