Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In Other News

The Emperor and I went out to visit Mom's grave and see her new headstone.  We had a very nice time- I suppose we were gone for an hour, and when we got home the house smelled...good.

Choclo and Oob had decided they were hungry and had fixed themselves a snack.  Mmmmmmmm.  What could be better than buttered roasted garlic

Between the two of them, they ate 28 cloves (according to them, but my bag of garlic is nearly empty).

So, yes, the house did smell like an Italian restaurant. Choclo and Oob, on the other hand, smell like small kids who have each eaten over a dozen cloves of garlic. 

On the bright side, this really knocked out the cold.  On the dimmer side, it also knocks out anyone within 10 feet.

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