Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Passing of a Generation

 Our dear grandmother and long time reader of this blog, Ann McKnight, passed away yesterday
morning in Arkansas.

She was our last surviving grandparent, a master weaver, and a keen observer of the world.

We will miss her, but I'm so grateful we got to see her one last time this summer.


Queen of Carrots said...

So sorry for your loss.

Sue Elvis said...


I'm sorry to hear you have just lost your grandmother.

"...a master weaver, and a keen observer of the world..." What wonderful words to be remembered by!

I will remember Ann in my prayers. May her soul rest in peace. And I shall pray for you and your family too. Sending you love and hugs. xxx

Irene Dias said...

My deepest sympathy

Wendy said...

Thank you all!