Friday, September 11, 2015

Biology: Cells Part 1

Getting under the membrane
Last week was planning, this week was full speed ahead!

Bossy Nucleus
Usually I try to stagger the start of new projects, but within the last 7 days we have started Awesome History, Adventurers, and Biology!

 But they are three projects I love!

Golgi Bodies

Lysosome Dalek
So we are starting up with cells, which means microscopes (and you know how I feel about microscopes), and parts of cells.

We started out describing the parts and what they did with the kids taking notes.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

But we moved on to playing around.  Literally!

We used a sheet as the cell membrane and had each kid play 2 organelles.

Then it was on to building models with jello and candy...

 The guys built a plant cell (the tupperware was the cell wall).

The girls built an animal cell.

They used a peach ring as the nucleus, bubble tape as endoplasmic reticulum, gum as Golgi bodies, nerds as ribosomes, lemon heads as lysosomes,  gum balls as centrioles, Mike n Ike as mitochondria and phytosomes, and sweet tarts as vacuoles.

It was one of those demonstrations that didn't last long...

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