Friday, March 4, 2016

Seven Quick Takes: Silly hats, Snow, and Toilet Seats

 1. I got to go visit my folks in NJ last weekend!  Hooray!  I haven't seen them since Christmas! Klenda and Leena went with me, and we celebrated Leena's upcoming 14th birthday.

Yes, the cake does say 59, but 5 + 9 =14. Actually, I think it says 159 because I didn't get the picture the first time, and Mumpy (my mom) figured blowing out the candles twice gave her an extra year.

Leena immediately asked if this meant she could drive.

Also, silly hats may have been involved.

2. It snowed last night.  I mean it SNOWED last night!  It was in the 60s earlier this week, and is supposed to hit the mid 70s next week.

Welcome to March Madness, Maryland style (and apologies to those reading this from the truly Frozen North).
 3. My phone is full of pictures of spotless areas of my house.  I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that this is all Oob's doing - both the cleaning and the pictures he brings me to provide evidence.

This started out as "coupon jobs," ways to earn extra flat screen time by doing extra chores, but lately he's just been cleaning things up.

Lent: it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

4. While in NJ, we went shopping with Mumpy and she got the girls their Easter dresses (and a Confirmation dress for Leena)!

I loved getting Easter dresses as a girl,so it was a special thing to share with my own girls.

I really thank God that I was given both girls and boys.  There are plenty of special fun things about boys, but shopping for Easter clothes with them hasn't hit the top of my list.

5. While we were up in NJ, I noticed that my mom had a very beautiful white cyclamen.

It was a gift, she told me, but she always kills these plants, so could I take it home and care for it.


This is the plant 5 days later.

6. If you can stand one more NJ story, one thing I love about going up there is the chance to do little odd jobs for my folks.  This time I noticed that Mumpy had bought new toilet seats, but hadn't gotten around to installing them.

No problem!  I put them in for her while she was off doing something with the girls.

Mumpy (later): That was so sweet!  I'll be reminded of you every time I...(she realizes what she is about to say)

Me (cracking up): That's great! Every time my mom sees her toilet seat, she thinks of me!  Brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it?

7. If you are musical, this will be merely amusing.  For those of us who are not naturally musical, it's the world's best explanation of  major and minor keys.

Leena, photo by Klenda
 Happy weekend! More fun with Kelly!

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