Friday, March 18, 2016

Still With The Saint Patrick

Even though his feast was yesterday, I'm still thinking about St. Patrick. 

Part of why I love St. Patrick is that I'm convinced that he converted some of my ancient ancestors, or at least converted those who freed them from paganism.  My own connection to the Faith was passed on to me from my direct ancestors (my mom, grandmom and great-grandmom).

There's nothing in my life as precious as that faith.  Sometimes I visualize it as a great glowing golden treasure passed down the generations.

I've noticed a tendency to romanticize paganism, as if paganism was somehow freedom from all the tedious rules of Christianity. I'd love to have that conversation with a pagan from St. Patrick's day! You can read what paganism was actually like in his Confession.

Real paganism isn't atheism, it's belief in many capricious gods who must be feared and appeased with sacrifices of whatever is dearest to you!  It's following all the rules of all the gods. Paganism  means that there is no god who cares about you personally; you can only barter for what you need and hope you got it right (The sheep sacrifice wasn't enough?  Would a cow do?  My son?).

There's a reason the Gospel was good news in Ireland!

Of course, I can't know for certain if St. Patrick personally freed my family from paganism, but there's another reason I love him.

Have you read St. Patrick's Breastplate?  That's it!  That's how I feel about Jesus!    I can do anything with Him and nothing without Him! He's my protection and my guide, my friend and my joy!

St. Patrick didn't just save my family, he's part of my family. 1600 years before I was born, he felt the same way about Jesus that I do now, and he draws me closer to Jesus!

That's what the Communion of Saints is all about: we are connected through Christ!

St. Patrick, pray for us!

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