Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy Birthday, Leena!

 Leena is 14! 

She had a story themed birthday party where she and her friends dressed up as favorite characters from books.  She was Charmaine Baker from House of Many Ways.

They had a cake shaped like a book (decorated by Klenda!).

Then, on her actual birthday, she had Klenda's chocolate buttercream pie!

One of her presents was an another gerbil cage and some more tubing, so now her gerbils, Chocolate and Vanilla, live in palatial splendor!

 We actually were sick around her birthday, but, when we were feeling better we had Pop over for one last birthday celebration and some silliness!

Lots of silliness!

He gave her a new headphone and microphone for the recording work she is doing!

And for "cake," we had ice cream!

14 Great Things About Leena

1. She does great music videos.
2. She's getting Confirmed next month!
2. She's super creative.
3. She's been taking voice lessons!
4. She makes great baked beans.
4. She does great video podcasts.
5. She's a proud member of the BCC.
5. She's got really eclectic tastes in music.
6. She's a sweet and loving sister.
7. She's always willing to help out anyone.
7. She loves wearing lime green.
8. She draws the cutest gerbils!
9. She loves Jane Austen.
9. She can swing dance!
10. She's a master gerbil trainer.
11. She makes fascinating audio books.
11. She can have fun with people much older than she is.
12. She can have fun with people much younger than she is.
12. She's great at audio and video editing!
13. She's a sweet and loving daughter.
14.She tells great jokes!
14. She laughs at my (not so great) jokes!

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