Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Holiday Smash Up

It's Pi day!  It's Zombie Day!  It's Zombie Pi Day!

I have to say, I'm feeling the zombie more than the pi. Also, I have pneumonia and I may be a little loopy!

For Pi Day:

For Zombie Day:

For Zombie Pi Day: There's a zombie on your lawn! It has a 1 foot radius, calculate it's surface area (in true physicist fashion, presume it's a spherical zombie in a vacuum). Leave your answer in the comments,  All correct answers will win one extra hour of sleep (fine print: extra hour of sleep to be delivered in November).

PS: If you are missing Grey's anti time change rant, here it is!


Sue Elvis said...


You have pneumonia? That's not good. I don't mind you being a little loopy because that's fun, but please get better soon!

Did I miss Pi Day yet again? I didn't even know there is such a thing as Zombie Day. Oh well, we can still eat a slice of pie and play Plants v Zombies even if we are a bit late!

Wendy said...

Thanks, Sue! I am on antibiotics now, so I am hoping to get some energy back. I'm tired of feeling tired, you know?

Zombie Day is just what we call the day after the spring time change when we've lost an hour and feel like, well, zombies! Joking about it and playing PVZ makes us feel better about it. ;D