Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In the Pink

We've had a quieter few days around here because we all came down with a bad cold.  This meant we didn't start Masters of Disasters (our new Earth science class) as planned, and we missed Awesome History, and Religious Ed since The Emperor and I both managed to be sick over the weekend.

skulk, skulk, skulk
This week, however, is looking up!

My dear SIL had a significant birthday, which necessitated us skulking about her house in the dead of night.

Meme and picture courtesy of Klenda

 Just in case you ever wondered what 50 plastic flamingos would look like if they were all crammed into the trunk of one car, here you go.

And much thanks to Mxyl and Klenda for their superior skulking skills!


Sue Elvis said...


I hope you are all better. I love your sense of humour. Who else would think of 50 plastic pink flamingos?! Happy birthday to your SIL.

Wendy said...

Thank you! She really loves them!