Friday, March 25, 2016

How Good is This Good Friday?

This particular Good Friday is a special one! It's March 25th!

Of course, you know that March 25th is the feast of the Annunciation, when Jesus took on His human nature. There's a lovely symmetry to that, Jesus's earthly body beginning and ending on that day.

But did you know that the ancients also believed that March 25th was the day Adam was created?

This is particularly significant because they also believed that Jesus was crucified over Adam's tomb- the skull which is often at the foot of the cross is Adam's.

Jesus defeats death at the very place where Adam (who brought death into the world) is buried!

And!  Did you know that the Early Church Fathers believed that March 25 was the actual date of the Crucifixion, the first Good Friday?

So, here we are today, thinking about the parallels between the creation, and the re-creation of the world, and offering thanksgiving for the sacrifice that made it possible.

Enjoy it now, the next Good Friday on March 25th will be in 2168!

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