Saturday, August 4, 2007

How Choclo Got his Name

This is Choclo. He is our fifth 2 year old. When he was about 7 months old and crawling around, I found him in the living room with lots of dirt on his face. Now, I probably should vacuum more, but there isn't usually that much dirt in the living room. Looking closer, I was horrified to discover that Leena, then 3, had been feeding Choclo bits of Oreos! He'd only been on solid food for a month! We were just starting vegetables!! No chocolate til he's a year old!!!! Oreos are choking hazards!!!!! He was permanently ruined and would want nothing but chocolate!!!!!

Well, he didn't choke and now he wants trucks, too. Did I mention that one of his first words was chocolate?

And he does eat vegetables. If you dip them in chocolate.

Did you notice he's the only one of the six with brown eyes?

Here is his face when clean:


Kate in NJ said...

A boy after my own heart!I do love my veg too..and not dipped in chocolate,lol. He is adorable..brown or not!

Brit said...

So cute! I just discovered your blog thanks to Kate, and I love it! My kids are already requesting a giant paper squid for our house. =)

Eric and Wendy said...

You know I heard it was supposed to be a big giant squid season this year...