Friday, August 31, 2007

The Jello Queen Returns!

I always underestimate how much we like jello and I always overestimate how much fuss and time it takes to make it.

This was one of 2 (3 layer) jello molds that we did. They only took 15 minutes to make (all 3 layers) with everyone helping, although they also chilled a few hours until dessert time.

Here's how:
1. We boiled 3 c. water in the electric kettle.
2. We sprayed the molds with cooking spray.
3. We took put 1 c. boiling water in each of 3 large (2 cups or more) measuring cups.
4. We added a packet of jello to each cup and each kid stirred with a whisk until the jello dissolved.
5. We added ice cubes to each cup until the volume reached 2 c. (kids still stirring).
Within 2 or 3 minutes, the jello started to thicken enough that we were trapping bubbles! (We like bubbles! If you don't this method may not be for you. You can control how bubbly the mixture gets by stirring more or less as it gets thicker).
6. We poured the layers one after another since they were thick enough to remain separate.
7. We tucked the molds into the fridge until time for dessert!

Incidentally, the fancy copper molds are only about 80 cents at thrift stores, so I've been gathering a collection of them and using them to "decorate" my kitchen. Cheap thrills!

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