Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy First Day of No School!

To celebrate, we: baked a cake, made a spaceship, toured the neighborhood pointing out interesting features of Earth for visiting Zoomlians (including many discarded solar collectors from certain large earth creatures), made fudge, played board games, watched Carmen Sandiego, went to Mass (where Choclo entertained the, er, masses by sprinting up the center aisle during the final prayers), made a massive mess with foam paint, dawdled diligently, told knock-knock jokes, read the beginning of A Child's History of the World (while the Zoomlians drew pictures) and did the laundry. Among other fun things. Quite a happy day.

Made me think: why restrain ourselves to a single day? Tomorrow we're going to the Arboretum with some like minded friends for fun and a picnic. In the afternoon, we are hoping to get to the rest of the things the Zoomlians wanted to do today!

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Kate in NJ said...

Yeah! Happy First Day of No School!!
Have fun at the arboretum!