Saturday, August 11, 2007


This is Leena. One day she informed me that she was Queen of the Squirrels.
I asked, "Queen of the Squirrels?"
She replied, "Mmhm. See my dance?" She danced around on her tippy toes singing:

I'm Queeeeen....of the Squirrels.
I'm Queeeeen....of the Squirrels.
I'm Queen, Queen, Queen, Queeeeen....of the Squirrels!

She is 5 and about to celebrate her First Day of No School.


playingschool said...

I love it - 1st day of "no school!" I found you through Toad Haven's posting about giant squid and thought I'd look around!

Kate in NJ said...

We're gearing up for our first day
of "no school" here as well.

Eric and Wendy said...

I'm not sure what I'm doing for our First Day of No School. I think we are going to do a party in our local regional park (it has a carousel and a miniature train) since the summer camp hordes will be gone. I want to see who in my homeschool co-op is up for it. I like to do something you don't get to do in school and I haven't thought of something really special yet..