Friday, August 31, 2007

Dino Photos

I blogged about this a while back, but just now found the pictures.

Here is the life sized T Rex coming out from behind the couch (his hindquarters would have been through the floor).
Here are the dinosaur tails with my lovely and gracious friend (the one who shared the great homeschooling books) modeling how to apply a dinosaur tail to your child:And for one last bit of dinosaur mayhem, we have Klenda modelling her dino model in front of her dino mural (note the cataclysmic meteor!):Hm. I think this was the time when Target had a clearance in their dollar section and all their dinosaur stuff was 25 cents (models, puzzles, workbooks, pens, posters and wind ups!) It was a great launching pad for a unit study!

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Kate in NJ said...

Awesome! I love the way you
get "into" your subjects!
Very inspiring.