Saturday, August 18, 2007


Zorg is going to be 7 in just a few more weeks. It is true that he looks like a boy, but I wonder...

He is crazy about cats!

He dislikes books in which cats are cast as the enemies against cute smaller animals because this is an insult to the honor of cats!

He likes to run and chase and pounce!

He likes to curl up on a nest of blankets in the sun and snooze!

He likes laps and back rubs....

Boy or cat? Probably a Zoomlian!


Kate in NJ said...

That is one adorable Feline...we are cat loves too! ;-)
Has he read the Jenny and the Cat Club series ? They were this cat lover's faves at his age.

Eric and Wendy said...

Thanks! We are always on the look out for more good books!