Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools!

Yes! Zoomlians celebrate April Fools day! It's more of a jokes- that- make- everyone- laugh type day than the practical joke kind of thing. For example: the menu stated that we would be having bagels for breakfast. How ordinary. Although, when we went shark tooth hunting 2 weeks ago on the Chesapeake, we did have to bring cream cheese (because of all the bay gulls). But not on April Fools day! Instead, surprise! We had banana splits. And when they peeled open the bananas, they were "magically" pre-sliced!

The picture, incidentally, shows the after breakfast cleanup when all the kids put rubber gloves on their feet and pretended they were ducks (Why not gulls? We had a theme going here!).

Continuing the bird theme, do not miss the rare, newly discovered (on April 1st) colony of flying penguins.

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