Thursday, April 3, 2008

There Are Some Real Wierdos Out There

We were at the grocery store. In fact, it was the same store where I had the perfect shopping trip some months ago.

I was heeding Lissa's advice about enjoying a shopping trip rather than seeing it as a task to endure, and we were having a great time. We practiced estimating the weight of the produce. We wondered about how lobsters keep track of 16 appendages (not counting their tails!) We bought seaweed (and decided to make sushi).

At some point, the kids who were walking (I was backpacking Oob and Choclo was in the cart) organized themselves in size order and followed me in a line while quietly quacking. Of course, 4 kids quietly quacking totals to some not terribly quiet quacking, but I didn't think they were being too loud. Every so often I would stop suddenly, turn on the suddenly silent children and ask, "Do you hear ducks?"

It was a fairly busy time at the store, so we passed a lot of people. Not a single person reacted. Not a smile, not a frown. Bizarre! And sad, really: not a single person quacked up.

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