Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gospel Desserts

 I'm a bit behind, here since I was gone for most of the first Sunday of Lent.  That Gospel reading was the Temptation in the Desert.

Since I knew I would be gone, I told the kids they would need to come up with something on their own, and they did!

Zorg came up with this one.  Yes, it's orange creamsicle ice cream with butterscotch bar "rocks."  Because, as he explained, not all deserts are hot.

The second Sunday, I was home.  After several years of trying to come up with a good dessert related to the Transfiguration (which is always the Gospel of the second Sunday), I think I've got a keeper!

 It's lemon mousse.  The recipe calls for it to be a semi frozen cake, but I served it as a chilled pudding topped with a whipped cream "mountain."  It separated a bit, but I kind of liked the layers.

Glorious success!!

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