Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Zombie Day!

Ah, yes, that special time that comes but once a year.. The Monday after we spring back into Daylight Savings Time and stumble about searching for caffeine joyfully greet the day with the cheery thought that it will be too light this evening to convince our children to go to bed at a reasonable time.

I am convinced that those who actually like DST have never had children  do not have to get up in the morning  have a sadistic streak have a weak circadian rhythm.  There are some people who can nap during the day, eat meals at wildly varying times, and sleep and rise in an irregular pattern.

I can do none of these since I personally have the Chuck Norris of circadian rhythms, and attempting to diverge from my regular pattern of eating or sleeping causes it to slap me stupid while telling me to "stop hitting myself."  For people like me, DST hurts.  And it's stupid! And I like to whine about it in italics and bold, and bold italics!

And it always happens during Lent!

Let's watch this short educational video vindicating my opinion, then we can move on to Zombie Day Fun!

Well, I'm feeling much better!

The traditional way to celebrate Zombie Day is by playing Plants Versus Zombies.

You can also read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or World War Z, or watch your choice of zombie themed movies.  Or just watch this:

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Jolene said...

Thanks for the educational video, Wendy! I've always had a gut feeling that there was something terribly wrong about the whole Daylight Savings thing, but now I know why!