Thursday, March 27, 2014

Half Way There

How's your Lent going?  Ours is going very quickly!

We are 20 steps in today on our Walking with Jesus poster.

The Zoomlians take turns coloring in footsteps, so we have a wide variety of prints.

The well is from the Woman at the Well in last Sunday's gospel.  We're headed towards a village.  Which gospel will that be?
 Our branches have been sprouting fruit and leaves as we notice each other bearing good fruit.  A lot of the fruit has come in the form of little kindnesses and thoughtful acts between the kids, and lots of extra help being offered.

Very sweet crop of fruit this year!!

We have lots of art around from the feasts we have been celebrating.

These are coloring pages of St. Joseph that we cut out and wiped with oil to give a stained glass effect.

 Our scripture cross keeps growing, too.  We put up the 20th square today - half way there!

We are cycling through the seven of us (usually the Emperor is at school), taking turns drawing and reading.

It's given us a wide array of art styles that's really fun to look through!  How many scripture stories can you identify from our pictures?
 Our Lent altar continues to evolve.  We forced some forsythia (say that 5 times fast).  I know that some people prefer to fast from flowers during Lent, but I feel like it's a time of blooming growth.

Our pile of squares is shrinking.  We need to cut out more fruit and leaves for the basket.

Our sacrifice bean jar is filling up: I had to put out more beans - a good sign!

Speaking of good signs...

It may be 30 degrees out with snow on the ground today, but our giant pussy willow is blooming!  Or catkin-ing.  Or turning fuzzy, anyway!

It must be spring! 

I wonder if it feels like it must still be early Lent because spring is so late in coming this year?

Pussy willows make me think of Lent because they were used for many years in place of palms for Palm Sunday before modern transport brought palms to non tropical countries.

Happy Half Way to Easter!


Queen of Carrots said...

We are doing nothing for Lent this year, but I so love looking at your ideas and I really hope I can copy some next year.

I never heard that about pussy willows. At our church (and I suspect at others in our area) we always use the native ferns, which are large and palm-like and grow *everywhere*!

Wendy said...

I thought you were moving houses for Lent this year! It's a bigger sacrifice than giving up anything I can think of!!

I used to visit family in Vancouver and Camas on the Colmbia river side most summers, and I always loved the ferns! And mildly freaked out about banana slugs.:0 :)