Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Birthday, Leena!

Great smile!

 Leena is 12!  For her birthday party, she decided to go with an "Art" theme.

We played Pin the Smile on the Mona Lisa!

I sketched out the general shape of the Mona Lisa, and we made lots of different kinds of smiles to try to place.
We also played a playdoh sculpting game with lots of little packages of clay.  You had to draw a slip of paper from a cup and then sculpt whatever was on the paper (and see if anyone else could recognize it)!

And we did a face drawing relay game where you had to run across the room, draw one part of a face and then run back and hand off the marker to your team mates.
 We also had found a bunch of gem crayons at Target which we scattered around our "tablecloth" (from the Big Roll of Paper).

That was a big hit!

We used speckled crayons, fancy markers, and glitter glue as prizes.

 And of course, we had cake!  We made Texas sheet cake (the white variety but without nuts) swirled with food coloring so that it was a rainbow cake inside and out!

Our friend Amie, and the girls frosted it with a rainbow paintbrush and found matching candles.  Super fun!!

12 Fun Things About Leena

1. She tells lots of silly jokes!
2. She always has time to cheer up brothers and sisters.
3. She's a voracious reader.
3. She writes and illustrates her own stories.
4. She draws all sorts of manga characters.
5. She makes up her own games, then teaches others how to play them.
6. She's a champion sledder!
7. She's quite good at math, although she doesn't always enjoy it.
7. She makes her own comic books - she's a wonderful visual story teller.
8. She loves to make her own noodles!
9. She's taking horseback riding lessons!!
9. She loves squirrels, but doesn't eat nuts.
10.  We call her "Sunshine Girl" for a reason - she really brightens up a room!
11. She can make a time machine out of anything.
11. She's a deadly punster.
12. She sees the good in other people,and helps them to see it, too!

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