Thursday, March 20, 2014

Return of the Adventurers

The new dome
 I'm behind on my posting: Adventurers started up way back on Ash Wednesday!

Since it was a holy day, we started at the Basilica.  I think I've mentioned how I used to come here as a small child, and that the Basilica was not yet complete.  It still is not completely complete, so I occasionally find new things on our trips there.  This time, they just had finished another mosaic!

That leaves only the main dome "blank" on the inside (it's painted white).

 My kid's favorites are the same as mine, way back when: we always stop by Our Lady of Ireland.  I love the tender expression on the statue.  And of course, the fountain is always a big hit!

Our Lady of Guadalupe is also one of the most beautiful shrines (and is always covered with roses from visitors).

The following week, we went to the Walters.

The Hall of Wonders remains, well, wonderful in the literal sense.  It's also the best place in the world to play "I Spy."

The Knight's Hall was a big draw.  Their Medieval collection really is fantastic as Art, as History, and as a record of faith and devotion through the centuries.

 We also made it to the Hackerman House (still part of the Walters) to see their collection of Chinese and Japanese objects in the house of an Asian curiosity collector from the Gilded Age.

In one room was this amazingly detailed pagoda.

 Each level was filled with tiny drawers.  Choclo and Oob (and I) were entranced by the exquisite craftsmanship.  Choclo wanted one for his room.

I asked Oob what he would put in those tiny drawers and he told me without hesitation: "Little sandwiches."
 Which probably meant we were close to lunch time!

But we still had time for a quick visit to the children's room to try on armor and stage a puppet show!

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