Saturday, March 22, 2014


This month I took Choclo and Oob up to visit Mumpy.

And Klenda up to visit Pa.

Actually everyone visited everyone, and we all had a wonderful time!

The lake was still frozen, and the kids spent hours playing the same games I played with my brother and sister.

This time of year, the top of the lake melts and refreezes, so that the surface is unbelievably smooth.

Any one kid can easily pull two others in sleds and then sling them across the nearly frictionless surface!

Klenda did more woodworking with Pa, and got to play around with a very fast, very rugged remote control car that Pa likes to try ideas on. 

I got to sort through some of my Dad's decorations and awards, and I got to listen to more stories!

I also got my Mom reconnected with texting.  Oob and Choclo love to text her silly things.

What a great visit!

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