Friday, March 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Really Random

1. We celebrated Pi Day (3/14 at 1:59) last week.  Klenda and Mxyl remembered it, and Klenda made this beautiful butterscotch pie which I now realize looks a lot like pumpkin.

It was deliciously educational!  I learned that when I'm too busy to make dessert, my kids do a fine job!

Um... and we learned about pi from Vi Hart.3.
2. It's been a crazy long winter for everyone.  Whenever we hit a mild day, we hike down to Lake Artemesia, and, the last time we went, we noticed these missing trees.

The irregular marks and the long shavings tell the story: beavers!

So now we are looking for the lodge.

3. This is the county courthouse near my parents.  Ever since we moved there (when I was 10) this was my favorite building.

You may need to click on the picture to see why.  In the peak of the gable is a miniature replica of the courthouse.  In fact, it's a (quite actively used) birdhouse!

4. One of the really great things about having 6 kids with you is that, anywhere you go, it's a party or a parade (or both).  Someone is always doing something cool or finding something interesting, or wondering about something, or singing, you get the idea.

When people find out I have 6 kids when they aren't with me, the first thing that occurs to them is that it must be a lot of work.

But when the kids are there, it looks like it's a lot of fun!  Cause it is. It's my favorite thing about home schooling. :)

5. Speaking of a lot of work and a lot of fun, the Angry Bird building craze continues in the library.

We have the large version with the big cardboard blocks (I'm not sure what they throw at them instead of birds).

 And we have the smaller, licensed Angry Birds, complete with little sling shots and rubber birds.

 6. The Emperor has been playing a Dr. Who role playing game (Adventures in Time and Space) with the four oldest kids and an occasional friend.

This has been super fun for all involved.  In fact, they've started dressing up as their characters!

Leena is playing the part of Dora, a girl from the 1970s.

Mxyl is the 6th Doctor.

Klenda is Frobisher, a shape shifter who really likes/is stuck in the shape of a penguin.

7. Happy St. Joseph's Day (kinda late)!  We had a kid feeling under the weather, so we didn't make it to Mass, but we did make St. Joseph's bread. Our St. Joseph's bread is Orange Cinnamon Swirl Bread.  I made it as three long rolled swirls and braided them to be extra fancy.

We also printed out some coloring pages and other printables.  Which just goes to show, there's nothing like Pinterest if you haven't planned ahead!

Have a great weekend!  More fun with Jen!

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