Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back to Egypt: Part 1

Whenever a kid asks to learn more about Ancient Egypt, I always ask: do you want to learn about Egypt, or do you just want to be wrapped up like a mummy?

This time, Choclo's answer was: BOTH!!!

All right, then!

So here is Choclo, all wrapped up and reading Egypt in Spectacular Cross-Section.
 We've been watching all kinds of documentaries on mummies, pyramids, and Egypt.

We've been building pyramids. I was thinking about what angles were needed to make the pyramid come out even: it turns out the sides are equilateral triangles.

Guess what's in the big one?

And we made step pyramids.

And fancier step pyramids

 And golden sarcophagi...

And... mummies!!!

That's a minifig wrapped up is strands of tissue, BTW.

And we're thinking about mummifying a chicken.

More Egypt ideas from the last time we did this.

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