Monday, July 28, 2014

At the Beach: Round 1

We are at the beach this week!

We've been playing in the water - boogie boarding, mostly.

The waves aren't really large enough to surf here usually, but boogie boarding is like surfing lying down, and it works with much smaller waves.

We've seen lots of dolphins, too, although I don't have any pictures of them.
 And we've been playing on the sand.

Zorg came up with the brilliant theory that the beach was the perfect place for an epic Nerf (kind of a firm foam) battle!

So we packed up our entire armory: swords, battle axes and maces, and took them to the beach...

"Epic" hardly covers it!

 And we built sand castles

 At the water's edge!

This is actually Choclo's "sand submarine."  His submarine didn't get washed away, it just submerged in the sand and is still roaming around under the beach somewhere.

And we enjoyed the sun, the breeze, and the company!

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