Wednesday, July 30, 2014

At the Beach, Interlude: Dawn of the Secret Monkey Clan

 Thus, it began: outcast and disgraced before all by the nefarious machinations of the Ape Clan, this remnant of a virtuous and noble house banded together to right injustices.

Seeking neither fame nor fortune, yet bound to fight oppression and evil in any form, and known only by a small (and sometimes invisible) monkey tattoo on the inside of their right wrist, they are...

The Secret Monkey Clan!

 It began thus: zipping along the boardwalk in a surrey, we spied many fun looking arcades.  When we returned to investigate, alas!  Gone were the Pac-man filled arcades of yesteryear. 

But, they still had skee ball, and some other fun stuff amidst the gambling games, so we gave each of the Zoomlians a buck to spend as they chose.

Playing games means winning tickets, and tickets mean prizes!  The older Zoomians pooled tickets to get several things they liked, and Zorg chose a packet of tattoos. 

He bypassed the dinosaur and rock n roll tattoos in favor of an animal pack showing a monkey. 

Except it wasn't a pack of animal tattoos with a monkey on top. 

It was a pack of 25 monkey tattoos!

What do you do with 25 monkey tattoos? 

We took the obvious answer: form a Secret Monkey Clan  of sworn brotherhood, and create a Secret Monkey Clan Dessert.

If you can keep a secret, here it is, if you are a clever enough monkey to figure it out:

Secret Dessert: Monkey Picks Two Peaches
Peel and slice 6 peaches into a pot.  
Add sugar to taste (sour peaches= 1/2 c. sugar, sweet peaches = 1/4 c.)
Add 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, cloves)
Simmer until peaches are soft, add 1 Tbsp vanilla.
Serve warm over vanilla ice cream!

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