Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More Fun in NJ

 Mumpy and Pa live in a more rural area, along a lake, so we see a lot more wild life up there.

We found this tiny frog!

And this quite frighteningly large bear!

He's a bit hard to see, but I wasn't getting any closer, I can tell you!

He's the largest wild bear I've ever seen, and he had just walked into someone's garage and pulled out an ear of corn.

That's him, sitting in the shady part of the driveway, eating the corn. He was probably about 5 feet tall at the shoulders when he was on all fours.  I only saw him walking on all fours, but Mumpy saw him standing up.  He was a big black bear!

And of course there were lots of fish and birds in the lake.

Leena loves to fish with Pa, and they both did quite a bit of fishing while we were there.

We saw quite a few deer, also.

I planted a garden a while back, so I was very pleased to see all the butterflies visiting!

 We walked down to the dam below the lake and watched the water fall.

And we went back to the super fun playground!

It really was super fun!

Choclo and Oob loved the big web.
 Leena had fun on the spinner!

I spent lots of time just chatting with my Mom and Dad- my favorite part of any trip!

For some reason the kids were fascinated by the fans.  They loved to put the fans upright and stand over them so that the fan inflated their clothes.  Here's Choclo, hulking out!

And, in a long tradition of silliness, we celebrated Mxyl's birthday early, even though he was still in Spain and his birthday was the following week!

We sang Happy Birthday, let the fan blow out the candles, and then ate his cake - yum!

They also sent him a nice surprise for when he comes back...

Which he is, Thursday night!!  Can't wait to see him and Klenda!!!

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